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<p>Because we want you to be fully informed, we want to offer you the best car rental tips.<br /> Inform yourself before renting a car<br /> Ask for all taxes not just daily. There are companies that offer a small / day price but have a lot of so-called “hidden taxes” that are communicated to you at the last moment when you have nothing else to do and you have to rent a car just FROM them. Low costs can raise more questions and your journey should not only be cheap but rather enjoyable and without surprises.</p>

Ford started the production to the new SUV EcoSport in Craiova factory

Ford Craiova Factory

Ford Craiova Factory inaugurated the launch of the new SUV EcoSport

Ford Craiova Factory

The Ford Factory from Craiova launched the european production of the new SUV EcoSport

Ford Craiova Factory launched, thursday, the production of the new SUV for Europe market, in order to cover, according to the company, the growing demand of the customers in this segment.

The event was attended by President Klaus Iohannis, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose, US Ambassador to Romania, Hans Klemm, among others. and a number of local officials.

Ford of Europe said on Thursday that the company had invested about 200 million euros in Craiova for the production of the new model. and will employ another 1,700 people, so at the end of the year the factory in Dolj County will have 3,900 employees.

The new EcoSport SUV will be sold on 56 markets across four continents

The SUV to be produced in Craiova will be sold on 56 markets across four continents. The facelift version of EcoSport brings with it a much more sophisticated interior. a powerful and efficient Ford EcoBlue 1.5-liter diesel engine, the Intelligent All Wheel Drive and a ST-Line sports version.

Ford Craiova Factory

Instead of continuing its import from the Ford factory in Chennai, India, the decision to build the new EcoSport in Europe will help Ford to rise to the growing demands of customers in this segment. “EcoSport is the new example of how Ford builds operations based on the benefits of its own game. – implicitly based on world-class SUVs, “said Steven Armstrong, Group Vice President and President of Ford Motor Company Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “With the growing demand for EcoSport and generally for SUVs in this category, it is the right time to relocate production in Europe and to raise ourselves to the demands of our customers”.

The Ford Craiova Factory produced one of the most complex vehicles

John Oldham, president of Ford Romania, said the Craiova plant is the only production site of the new EcoSport that will be sold in the EU market. President Iohannis said that, by launching the new model, the Romanian automotive industry is creating a strong reputation. “We started this journey, almost 10 years ago, and we grew up step by step, from the start, until the Craiova plant plays an important role in Ford Europe. Until a while ago, our factory has produced one of the most complex vehicles in our range, the unmistakable B Max with its non-contact design. We continue to produce proudly the 1.10-liter EcoSport gasoline engine with advanced technology. an engine that equips one of five cars that Ford sells in Europe and the only one to win the title of the International Engine of the Year for seven consecutive years. Today, Craiova becomes the only production site of the new EcoSport, which will sell, across Europe, a product that competes in one of the fastest-growing segments on the SUV market. I strongly believe that Craiova is the ideal home for EcoSport because here we have an excellent factory, excellent products and people, “said Oldham.

The Ford Craiova plant announces the creation of another 1,700 new jobs

Present at this event, as a guest of honor, President Klaus Iohannis spoke of an opportunity for Romania’s economic development, an opportunity that should not be missed. On the other hand, President Iohannis believes that with the launch of the new EcoSport model, the automotive industry in our country creates a stronger reputation in the European car market, especially as the recent results are very promising.

For example, in the post-crisis period, the annual growth rate of our automotive industry was about 15%, and we are currently ranked 11th in Europe after annual car production. Through your work and all those working in this area. the Romanian automotive industry accounted for about 13% of GDP last year and a quarter of Romania’s total exports, a very large sector and very important for our economy. By expanding and modernizing the Ford plant in Craiova, another 1,700 new jobs are created, which is a good achievement for the local and regional economy, “the country’s president.

A place where you can build, where you can grow

The second generation of the EcoSport, assembled for the first time at the Ford Craiova Factory, is the most important novelty of the American builder. Moreover, EcoSport follows a launch calendar similar to Dacia Duster – official presentation in Frankfurt. launching in production and delivery to dealers so that the end of the year – the beginning of next year will begin deliveries to customers. Prime Minister Mihai Tudose said that Ford’s development plans in Romania show that Romania is a favorable environment for investments

The head of the Government has highlighted the importance of the automotive industry for the Romanian economy. both in terms of its share in GDP and social development, by creating new jobs both directly and through the economic engagement effect. “25-27 years ago, the presence in Romania of a name like Ford seemed a utopia. Two years ago, when Andrew planned to make a new model at the Ford Craiova Factory, I admit I was skeptical. Today, we live a unique moment of joy. I am delighted that this great event of Craiova, Romania, Ford, is also a statement, practically of one of the largest companies. that Romania is a good environment for doing business, a good environment for making quality products, a place where you can build, where you can develop, a place where a Ford-size company did not come in an adventure, came to make something stable, has come to stay, “said Tudose.

Sales in 2016 Ford SUVs have risen by over 30%

SUV sales on the 20 markets where Ford is present increased last year by 27% and gathered a quarter of total car registrations. Ford SUVs have increased sales by 30% in 2016 and rising by 27% in the first eight months of 2017. SUVs will also bring more jobs. By the end of the year, Ford wants 1,700 new positions at the Ford Craiova Factory, totaling 3900 jobs in vehicle production and engine manufacturing. The total investment since its inception (March 2008) exceeds one billion euros. The Craiova plant will be the only EcoSport production source for Europe (except for Russia). The plant will deliver the Ford SUV on very diverse markets such as the UK, New Caledonia (Oceania), Turkmenistan (Central Asia) or South Africa. Besides the new EcoSport, the Ford Craiova team will continue to produce the Ford 1.0 EcoBoost engine, the only winner of the title “The International Engine of the Year” for four consecutive years.

Klaus Iohannis made the drive test with the new SUV

President Klaus Iohannis made a drive in Craiova with the new Ford EcoSport SUV. After the drivetest he confessed that it is a good car that will surely sell. “I gave a circuit break with the new Ford EcoSport car, a very good car and for this class it seemed to me that it has excellent equipment. the behavior is very good, I think it will sell well, “said Iohannis. Asked if he would buy a car produced in Craiova, given that former President Traian Basescu did so,. Iohannis replied, “We will study the matter,” mentioning that he will consult with the First Lady.

Statement by US Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm:

Ford Motor Company has invested $ 1.5 billion in community development around the world. The company promotes Ford’s vision of improving people’s lives by encouraging social mobility from 1949 to the present. in Romania has invested over half a million euros in various social and health projects

fabrica ford craiova productie suv ecosport

The Ford Craiova factory is increasingly visited by foreigners and especially by citizens of German origin, public transport is a shortcoming for the city because it does not facilitate their activity.
The routes that are used to daily practice are Craiova International Airport, Ford Craiova, 3 and 4-star hotels, of which Ramada Plaza Hotel is the most popular, appreciated for its high quality services, SPA & Wellness, etc.
Car rental services are successful in meeting these needs, increasing the need for such a service both foreign princes and residents offering modern transport solutions.

RentOk is waiting for you with the best offers for car rental in Craiova, Craiova Airport and even Bucharest or Henri Coanda Otopeni Airport.

Rent a car Craiova

rent a car craiova rentok

Rent a car in Craiova

Car Rental Craiova wants to be more than a rental service. We want you to become your friend after the first collaboration. That’s why we ensure punctuality, fairness, and make sure all our cars are 100% safe. Rent a car Craiova RentOK periodically check with care and special attention in car service authorized all cars before each rental. With the same care we ensure that the interior of the machines is clean and well maintained. This way you can travel in complete comfort and safety at the most advantageous prices. We offer you only rental cars equipped with air conditioning, few kilometers, extremely well maintained, with up-to-date revisions.

All cars offered by car rental services are ready, clean and waiting for you to go on the road: they have the tank full,

car rental tips

RCA and Rovigneta, tires corresponding to the season.

Flexibility is also a characteristic we are proud of. We make every effort to ensure the total satisfaction of each of you. If you want to rent a car for a longer period or want to rent more cars, we will gladly send you a customized offer. To request such an offer, please contact us using the available contact details.

The available vehicles can be found on our homepage, also you can find here the prices for each and very car, they being differentiated on the number of days. Renting for a longer period will give you a lower price.

For luxury car rentals, we strongly recommend you to call with confidence here.

Check our offer and you will be convinced that we are the best choice. We can deliver the cars at any address in the city, but also at Craiova International Airport. Currently, from the Internaţional Craiova Airport, Wizz Air carries out regular flights. The routes it runs are: Craiova – Milano, Roma, Bologna, Veneţia, Londra, Liverpool, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Koln şi Tel Aviv. Also, since 2016, Ryanair Company started its business with a regular flight to Valencia.

What to visit in Craiova

What to visit in Craiova


Built between 1898 and 1907, in the midst of a city featuring the renewal fever FROM the beginning of the twentieth century, the Mihail Palace is detached by the execution details, which have the distinction of crafted crafted jewelery. his reflects the claims and the social status of one of the richest men of the time, as well as the ambition and the spirit of competition that helped him to make a fortune. Thus, if Gheorghe Cantacuzino, nicknamed “Nababul” in Bucharest and the Royal adviser Vălimărescu, on the same street, entrusted the construction of their houses to the famous architect Albert Galleron, who had projected, among other important buildings in the Kingdom, the Romanian Athenaeum, Constantin Mihail, not left behind. He turned to another famous name in the epoch: Paul Gottereau, architect of the Royal House and the author of the Royal Palace, the Palace of the “Carol I” University Foundation, the CEC Palace,

His story is much longer and the special architecture, but to visit it you can find it at Str. Calea Unirii, no. 15, Craiova (Monday: closed

Str. Calea Unirii, nr. 15, Craiova)

The best tips for renting a car

The best tips for renting a car

best tips for renting a car

Renting a car is more convenient and simplified. However, it includes a dose of responsibility from both the agency and the customer. If you plan to rent a car for the first time, we have prepared a series of useful tips to help you and, implicitly, to avoid possible unpleasant situations.

Tips for renting a car

– carefully analyzes the existing offer on the market: the variety of cars, prices, companies;
– Choose those companies that would interest you;
– consult the price of additional options if you intend to opt for them: child seat, driver, winter chains etc;
– minimum age for renting;
– the amount of the deposit lodged by the car rental company;
– Check the accepted payment methods;
– Be interested in the necessary documents for renting the car;

When the contract is being executed
– as it is an act that you make your signature, do not hesitate to read it carefully;
– Check if the booking conditions are the same as those in the contract;
– analyzes the state of the vehicle and checks the fuel level in the presence of the company representative;
– If you notice malfunctions, insist on mentioning them in the delivery report;
– Ensure that the surrender receipt is signed by the company representative;

During the rental
– in case of accident or theft, immediately contact the car rental company;
– park the car only in specially arranged spaces;
– Follow the traffic rules and do not consume substances that reduce your concentration during driving (alcohol, drugs etc.);
– do not dispose of the bonds issued for fueling;

When handing over the car
– observe the contract provisions regarding the date, time and location of the car;
– Check the car condition and the fuel level in the presence of the company representative;
– keeps the receipts, the rental agreement, the invoices or any pictures taken in the event of a dispute.

Do not enter into contracts with companies that seem unreliable, and if some prices seem to be too cheap to match your competitors, be careful with this. We hope the information you receive will be a help for you and you will have a rental without any unpleasant situations.

Tips for renting a car

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Rent a car – if you know this you will choose the best offer

        You have just arrived in the country or you are just going to travel in the country or abroad. If you do not own a car or need a certain type of car then the best option is to rent a car. Of course, if you want to make the best decision, before calling for a car rental service, it’s a good idea to know the steps that will take you on a pleasant trip and not at all expensive. In other words, what do you need to know before renting a car? is the main question that the following answers we hope will influence you in deciding properly.

Why the car you need? rent a car

What you need to know when you rent a carThis is the important step in taking the decision. It may seem strange, but you have to consider whether you need a large, powerful or small car that sneaks in traffic? Do you travel alone or with your family? Are you going for a long way and would you like to use a car with a great deal of money? The answers to these questions depend on the choice of the car model according to your journey. Fortunately, rent-a-car companies have a generous offer and most of them show you the models available, so you can choose from.

Compare the offers of rent a car companies. For a few years, the car rental market in Romania has developed quite a bit. If you’ve just figured out exactly what kind of car you’re doing, do not let it get influenced by offers that seem dubious. You can have unpleasant surprises and lost time. That’s exactly why you do not have to make a decision in a hurry without having studied the offer of several car rental companies and without comparing offers. As in any other field, look for the best offer, the most suitable for your needs and the most advantageous. Take into account the age of the car that is offered to you. If you still can not decide on a company try to restrict the list of options and then keep in mind the following tips that will definitely help you decide.

Do you need additional options?

Surely in a first phase you say that not an updated GPS can save you money and time. It is not at all pleasant to travel stressed by the lack of knowledge of the road and meeting any traffic restrictions especially when you do not know the road. In addition, you can go on a route that does not take you just where you wanted, which will mean waste of time and fuel consumed. Some companies can offer FREE options, but others may double the rental price.

What are the costs of additional car rental options?

In most cases the price displayed includes renting the car as it is. But if you need additional services such as extra insurance or a baby seat, for example, ask from the start what are the costs to know how much you will have to get out of your pocket for the period of rental.

Request complete information about rent a car services

If you do not find all the information on the car rental company’s website, and still think you have found the best offer, do not hesitate to call and ask laurels. Knowing what type of car you need and how much it costs is not enough to rent the car. If the rental conditions are not displayed, for example, discuss with the company representative and find out which is the minimum period for which you can rent the car, its availability, what payment methods are accepted, how long you can book, where you can get there rented (which area covers the rental), etc. These are the most important things you need to know before you call a car rental company. Always choose after studying the offer on the market and find the most advantageous option.

Now that you know everything you need about rent a car you can decide. See our offer.


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