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The best tips for renting a car

The best tips for renting a car

best tips for renting a car

Renting a car is more convenient and simplified. However, it includes a dose of responsibility from both the agency and the customer. If you plan to rent a car for the first time, we have prepared a series of useful tips to help you and, implicitly, to avoid possible unpleasant situations.

Tips for renting a car

– carefully analyzes the existing offer on the market: the variety of cars, prices, companies;
– Choose those companies that would interest you;
– consult the price of additional options if you intend to opt for them: child seat, driver, winter chains etc;
– minimum age for renting;
– the amount of the deposit lodged by the car rental company;
– Check the accepted payment methods;
– Be interested in the necessary documents for renting the car;

When the contract is being executed
– as it is an act that you make your signature, do not hesitate to read it carefully;
– Check if the booking conditions are the same as those in the contract;
– analyzes the state of the vehicle and checks the fuel level in the presence of the company representative;
– If you notice malfunctions, insist on mentioning them in the delivery report;
– Ensure that the surrender receipt is signed by the company representative;

During the rental
– in case of accident or theft, immediately contact the car rental company;
– park the car only in specially arranged spaces;
– Follow the traffic rules and do not consume substances that reduce your concentration during driving (alcohol, drugs etc.);
– do not dispose of the bonds issued for fueling;

When handing over the car
– observe the contract provisions regarding the date, time and location of the car;
– Check the car condition and the fuel level in the presence of the company representative;
– keeps the receipts, the rental agreement, the invoices or any pictures taken in the event of a dispute.

Do not enter into contracts with companies that seem unreliable, and if some prices seem to be too cheap to match your competitors, be careful with this. We hope the information you receive will be a help for you and you will have a rental without any unpleasant situations.

Tips for renting a car

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Rent a car – if you know this you will choose the best offer

        You have just arrived in the country or you are just going to travel in the country or abroad. If you do not own a car or need a certain type of car then the best option is to rent a car. Of course, if you want to make the best decision, before calling for a car rental service, it’s a good idea to know the steps that will take you on a pleasant trip and not at all expensive. In other words, what do you need to know before renting a car? is the main question that the following answers we hope will influence you in deciding properly.

Why the car you need? rent a car

What you need to know when you rent a carThis is the important step in taking the decision. It may seem strange, but you have to consider whether you need a large, powerful or small car that sneaks in traffic? Do you travel alone or with your family? Are you going for a long way and would you like to use a car with a great deal of money? The answers to these questions depend on the choice of the car model according to your journey. Fortunately, rent-a-car companies have a generous offer and most of them show you the models available, so you can choose from.

Compare the offers of rent a car companies. For a few years, the car rental market in Romania has developed quite a bit. If you’ve just figured out exactly what kind of car you’re doing, do not let it get influenced by offers that seem dubious. You can have unpleasant surprises and lost time. That’s exactly why you do not have to make a decision in a hurry without having studied the offer of several car rental companies and without comparing offers. As in any other field, look for the best offer, the most suitable for your needs and the most advantageous. Take into account the age of the car that is offered to you. If you still can not decide on a company try to restrict the list of options and then keep in mind the following tips that will definitely help you decide.

Do you need additional options?

Surely in a first phase you say that not an updated GPS can save you money and time. It is not at all pleasant to travel stressed by the lack of knowledge of the road and meeting any traffic restrictions especially when you do not know the road. In addition, you can go on a route that does not take you just where you wanted, which will mean waste of time and fuel consumed. Some companies can offer FREE options, but others may double the rental price.

What are the costs of additional car rental options?

In most cases the price displayed includes renting the car as it is. But if you need additional services such as extra insurance or a baby seat, for example, ask from the start what are the costs to know how much you will have to get out of your pocket for the period of rental.

Request complete information about rent a car services

If you do not find all the information on the car rental company’s website, and still think you have found the best offer, do not hesitate to call and ask laurels. Knowing what type of car you need and how much it costs is not enough to rent the car. If the rental conditions are not displayed, for example, discuss with the company representative and find out which is the minimum period for which you can rent the car, its availability, what payment methods are accepted, how long you can book, where you can get there rented (which area covers the rental), etc. These are the most important things you need to know before you call a car rental company. Always choose after studying the offer on the market and find the most advantageous option.

Now that you know everything you need about rent a car you can decide. See our offer.


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